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  • Discover The Secrets Of How To Communicate Effectively With Japanese People Even If You Aren't Fluent in Japanese


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    Discover The Secrets Of How To Make Friends And Influence Japanese People Even If You Don't Speak Japanese

    Nikkei Canadajin

    "Wow, that was incredible! How did you do it?”Confused by the question, I tilted my head a bit to the side and ask, “What do you mean?”

    “That presentation! I’ve been a teacher in Japan for 5 years and I've never been able to capture the students attention like that! 

    That was impressive. Where did you learn that?”

    At that moment, three Japanese students came by and waved and told me how inspiring my presentation was. All I could do was smile as I tried to keep a calm composure...

    Discover The Secrets Of How To Make Friends And Influence Japanese People Even If You Don't Speak Japanese


    All I could do was savor the moment and soak it in.I’ve been fortunate enough to have many more moments like that since.

    Walking into my new workplace in Japan and the same week making new friends which included my new boss...

    Watching my friend Tim run after a gorgeous Japanese woman he saw walking by us in the street in downtown Tokyo, and smiling as I heard the news that night that that they were going on a date together that same night.

    Inspiring Japanese students to trust their lives to me, by challenging themselves to study abroad, leave their life behind, and go abroad (including one student I’d only taught three weeks prior!)

    But who cares about me? I’m writing this for YOU.

    If you’re seeing this page right now, it means you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to settle. You want to give yourself the best life possible.

    I started the Japanese Communication Secrets Course so you could have moments like these as well.

    There's an important truth in this world that your parents probably didn't tell you when you were growing up


    That your teachers never taught you, and that truthfully you probably don’t want to know.

    You’ve been tricked into thinking hard work and simply being fluent in the Japanese language is what determines success.

    That the key to wealth and riches, diamonds and sports cars, is to put in your time and do a good job.

    That as long as you’re a good person, your dream partner will just come walking into your life one day, because that’s what you deserve.

    I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, you’ve been sold a lie.


      Hollywood movies, school, even your parents have accidentally tricked you into believing the world rewards those who put their head down, work hard, and deserve to be rewarded.

    But it doesn’t. That’s why you see people who aren’t smarter than you getting the jobs that you want (and the money that goes with it!)

    That’s why you see people who aren’t better than you getting the dates that you want.

    It isn’t just what you know, it’s who you know. And it isn’t just what you do, it’s what others are willing to do FOR you.

    If you aren’t able to communicate your value to others, you’re going to lose out in life to folks that don’t deserve to be beating you. But they will beat you. Again and again.

    It isn’t fair, but deep down we all know that this is how the world works.

     THAT is why I created the Japanese Communication Secrets Course

    This isn’t just about your social life with just Japanese people but with everyone. This involves everything.

    What would life be like if you had the tools to ‘instantly activate’ and amaze any room in an instant?


    I decided to create the Japanese Communication Secrets Course after it became clear to me that:

    I wasn’t the only one being held back by a lack of communication

    Most people, including myself for most of my life, are situationally confident. They’re great and able to communicate effectively in familiar groups or situations, but in new groups or high pressure environments they become hesitant and meek (especially with bosses, members of the opposite sex, and the people they look up to)

    Too many people are worried to take risks. Whether it’s making new friends, wondering if people will like them, or talking to the incredibly attractive person at the bar, they miss out on getting what they deserve because they don’t have the confidence to go for it or the communication skills to make it happen.

    Can you think of a time recently yourself when you felt like this?

    When you saw someone you wanted to connect with but you didn’t even try…

     When you hesitated and you let an opportunity pass you by…

    Maybe it’s the cute girl who made your heart beat faster when you saw them walk by.

    Maybe it’s a potential leader, someone you look up to, someone who can guide you and inspire you to achieve the kind of massive success they’ve had in their own lives.

    You want to talk to them. But you hesitate, and a tiny voice in your head says why bother. Or worse, you DO try, and after a few minutes of horrible, forced conversation, they excuse themselves to get away.

    If you’ve ever seen someone so charming and successful you wanted to talk to them but did nothing about it, you are not alone.

    If you’ve ever been at a coffee shop or walking down the street, seen someone that made your head spin and done nothing but watch them walk away, you are not alone.

    We’ve all been there. Every single person I’ve ever met has been there.

    And you know what, we’ve missed out on life-changing opportunities and people that could have massively enhanced our lives.

    You know what’s unique? What’s different? The person that does something about it.

    The person who goes up shoulders back, head held high, and knows exactly what to say to leave that person thinking “wow, I have to see them again”. Now THAT is rare.

    Are you ready to be that person?

    Think it sounds too good to be true? Just read on. Because as you’ll see at the end, I’m GUARANTEEING you it’s very, very real.

    I’ve seen my life grow from something I was really dissatisfied with to a living dream.

     And along the way, I’ve noticed this simple honest truth again and again…

    How You Communicate Massively Impacts The Quality Of Your Life

    Your success in business, your success with dating, your ability to create a larger vision all comes down to the quality of communication you have with others in your life and your ability to effectively use communication.

    Being able to create amazing relationships with people you admire, the amazing special someone you want to date, that is the kind of super power that can instantly change your life.

    And if you’re tired of feeling like you can do better and you deserve more, then this might be the most important page you ever read, because I’m going to show you how to create the relationships, friendships, and life you’ve always dreamed of.

    Welcome To Japanese Communication Secrets

    Having studied Japanese in university, I always got good marks in my class. Nailed my presentations and tests but when I studied abroad in Japan even though I was more "fluent" than my classmates they were the one making more friends, building more relationships and having more fun.

    I didn't understand why this was happening, after all I could actually talk with Japanese people about different topics in Japanese!

    Well that is when I discovered a universal truth... It doesn't matter if you are fluent in Japanese, what matters is how you communicate and make the other person feel. 

    One day something clicked in my head and I decided enough was enough.

    So I started studying the science of communication...

    And like Ash from Pokemon, I started to be able to utilize this power of communication to befriend people around me easily

    It became easy to create real connections.

    I finally stopped thinking “What if they don't like me"

    It felt like a superpower. Since then, I've been sharing these communication secrets with my students and now I want to share those same secrets with you

    Most importantly, you can do it too. Because I’m not special.

    All of this is learnable.

    In fact, once you have it all laid out in front of you in our step-by-step training, it’s simple. It’ll become habit. You’ll be able to turn it on without even thinking about it.

    And once you master these fundamental tools, you’ll be able to do things you once thought impossible.

    Your probably asking yourself right now, what exactly is the Japanese Communication Secrets Course?

    The Japanese Communications Secrets Course is a five week step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools you need to take not only your Japanese communication to the next level but your overall communication skills...

    It’s over an hour of the best training material available.

    This isn’t fluff theory stuff either like you might get in a book. You’ll get real, ready-to-implement tools that you can begin to implement immediately so that each week you’re seeing massive leaps.

    You’ll also get an actionable, step-by-step guides so that you know how to integrate everything you learn into your daily life.

    Here’s just SOME of the things you’ll be able to do using the Japanese Communication Secrets Course:

  • Consistently make awesome first impressions so that whether you talk to someone for 20 seconds or 20 minutes, they’ll remember you over everyone else they met

  • Have conversations that come together effortlessly, so you won’t have those awkward moments of silence where the other person politely excuses themselves 

  • Know how to connect instantly create trust so you know that the other person will want to see you again

  • Overcome those frustrating moments where you freeze up, you feel your heart beat quicken, and you can’t think of anything to say

  • Feel confident in almost any social situation WITHOUT having to worry what others think of you

  • Even if you feel like your life today is so far from your target that you can’t even see it, the Japanese Communication Secrets course will take you step-by-step each leg of the journey, guiding you along so that as long as you follow the course, you’re guaranteed to see massive gains!

  • What's inside the Japanese Communication Secrets Course

    Japanese Communication Secrets is broken into 5 video modules that are designed to get you inspiring and impressing everyone you meet. You can go through the modules at the recommended pace of one per week, or go through the program at your own pace.

     The daily action videos take just a few minutes to watch and anywhere from 2 – 20 minutes to implement. It is all about taking small, concrete steps every day so that after 5 weeks, you have made effective communication a powerful habit.

    Inside the membership site, you’ll have access to a 1+ hour video library that lays out exactly what you need to know and what you need to do to take your communication skills to the next level.

    MODULE 1: The One Thing You Need To Create A Powerful First Impression In Any Situation

    • The Three Things That You Are Doing To Sabotage Yourself That You Don't Know About

    • Why Psychology Matters

    • The Halo Effect And What It Means For You

    Lifetime Access

    MODULE 2: The Secret Method To Easily And Ethically Influence People Without Making Them Hate You

    • The Three Major Mistakes Everyone Commits And How To Fix It

    • How To Influence People Ethically Even If You Aren't Confident

    • The Perfect Influence Script

    Lifetime Access

    MODULE 3: The Perfect Deescalation Technique To Stop Any Argument Before It Even Starts

    • Why You Should Never Do This One Thing

    • De-escalating The Right Way

    • The Ultimate De-escalation Phrase

    Lifetime Access

    MODULE 4: The Ultimate Technique To Understanding The Japanese Communication Style

    • The One Thing You Should Never Do When Communicating

    • Collectivist Vs Individualistic Culture: Why It Matters 

    • The Communication Thought Template

    Lifetime Access

    MODULE 5: The One Simple Yet Powerful Method To Ethically Create Trust In Minutes

    • The Real Reason No One Trusts You

    • How Taking Builds Trusts

    • The Three Actionable Steps You Can Use To Build Trust Right Away

    Lifetime Access

    Bonus Content

    Bonus 1: The Ultimate Japanese Dating Course

    Value: $157

    • Learn To Ethically Influence Your Potential Partner To Find You Attractive 

    • Learn The Different Kinds Of Love And Why It Matters

    • How To Create The Perfect Date

    Lifetime Access

    Bonus 2: Exclusive Access To The Japanese Communication Secrets Inner Member Circle

    Value: $291

    • Join An Exclusive Community Of Like Minded People Just Like You 

    • Be Able To Share Ideas And Thoughts With Real People In A Supportive Community

    • Be A Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

    Lifetime Access

    Bonus 3: The Ultimate Crash Course In Japanese Manners:

    Value: $109

    • Effectively Navigate Through The Majority Of Social Situations

    • Gain Real Insight Into Social Norms In Japan

    • Learn How To Be Confident When Presenting Yourself

    Lifetime Access

       How Do I Become A Member Of the Japanese          Communication Secrets Course?

    To cover all of this communication goodness if this were a private coaching program it would easily be worth $3000

    Would a coaching program be way, way more valuable than $3,000 though?

    Hell yes! But that doesn’t make it any more affordable if you don’t have that kind of cash in the bank.

    So I decided to condense everything I know into the Japanese Communication Secrets course and now you can get all the benefits of coaching for just $99!

    But this is for a limited time offer only. So if you preorder the Japanese Communication Course before August 31, 2024

    you get this heavily discounted price guaranteed. 

     On August 31, 2024 though this course will be officially released to the public  And at that time the price will increase to $399...Yep, that’s just $99.00 today to have lifetime access to the Japanese Communication Secrets Course

    With a 30 day money back guarantee

     Just so you can know for sure that the Japanese Communication Secrets Course is right for you. and you’re ready to commit to this, there’s never going to be a better time than right now. Click the link below and join the Japanese Communication Secrets course now!

    Click The Link Below To Get The Japanese Communication Secrets System

    + Exclusive Bonus Content 

      All of Nikkei Canadajin's bonuses worth $557 for FREE

    The Free Bonuses Guaranteed Until The Timer Hits Zero









    Yes! I Want To Become A Master Communicator

    My Guarantee To You

    I want to make sure that you get value out of this and it truly helps your life to the point where the investment in yourself is a no brainer.

    So I’m including a guarantee that is going to make your jaw drop. Because I want you to know just how confident I am about this course…

    If by the end of the Japanese Communication Secrets course, this isn’t an obviously fantastic investment, all you have to do is let me know within 30 days of purchasing and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

    You don’t need to explain.

     You don’t have to convince me. Plain and simple

    – if this isn’t fantastic for you, I don’t want to keep your money. You can watch every video and get every ounce of knowledge, and if at the end of it you don’t think I have delivered above and beyond, still get 100% of your money back.

    I offer this (and mean it) because I know how powerful this program will be. THAT is how confident I am in the value of the Japanese Communication Secrets course.

    Listen, the bottom line is, it’s going to be amazing. I know it is and I know that after you see it, you’ll feel the same.

    And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and make this 100% risk-free for you.

    Click “Yes, I want Lifetime Access” and let’s do this! Because if you dedicate yourself to it, the Japanese Communication Secrets course can change your life.

  • Take the advantage of Japanese Communication Secrets Course before anyone else in the market 

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       Inside Of Today's  Free  Presentation... 

    • Secret #1:The One Thing You Need To Create A Powerful First Impression In Any Situation (1:59)

    • Secret #3: The Perfect Deescalation Method To Stop Any Argument Before It Starts (3:28)

    • Secret #5 The One Simple But Powerful Method To Ethically Create Trust In Minutes (4:53)

    • Secret #2: The One Secret To Easily And Ethically Influence People Without Making Them Hate You (2:36)

    • Secret #4: The Ultimate Technique To Understanding The Japanese Communication Style (3:54)

    • What's The Next Step?

    Take advantage of this course before anyone else in the market

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